Enrich the lives of everyone on the planet and make the world more sustainable.

People and organizations rely on technology from us for every aspect of the technology landscape.


Deploy technology for accessible and equitable healthcare


Ignite the knowledge in every learner and empower the global workforce


Bring food to table with no stress, inclusive of underserved communities


Build a sustainable environment that propels socioeconomic growth

Our Principles

These principles help define how we operate and what we value as an organization.

Embrace aspiration

People are made up of aspirations. Aspirations not only embue meaning into the human experience, but they are a powerful force to realize goals that shape the future.

Respect everyone

We consider respect a necessity. It is an integral component in building fruitful relationships and teams, and ultimately in building successful organizations.

Be compassionate

Understanding the problems of others is the first step to solving them. Many of our intiatives focus on tackling the issues of others in order to improve the world we share.

Effective communication

Listening to understand, and communicating in a clear, concise way is something we try our best to uphold and improve across all areas of interaction.

Constant improvement

Iteration is something we know well and fully embrace at Flapmax. We invest heavily in our ability to improve our technology and methodologies overtime.

Enjoy work and inspire

People should enjoy the work they do and inspire their peers along the way. Not only does this improve wellbeing -
it improves work quality, too.

Our Culture

Our culture is deeply connected to our principles. We provide a professional but highly compassionate environment, made up of diverse skill sets and backgrounds from all over the world, with the sole focus of improving ourselves and our platform.

Having many perspectives helps us reduce our blindspots which ultimately allows us to create the best products possible. This is why we not only collaborate across the globe, but we keep an eye out for sources of unconventional talent.

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