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Flapmax is on a mission to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet and make the world more sustainable. People and organizations rely on technology from Flapmax for every aspect of the technology landscape, from healthcare and education to agriculture and everything under the sun.

Accelerated AI Platforms

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Measure optimizes AI models and measures their performance against targeted hardware platforms before readying them for deployment

Coral Imaging

Coral Imaging is a privacy-preserving, multi-institutional collaboration platform for 3D medical imaging over high-speed communication networks such as 5G

AI Programs Designed for Everyone


Africa is a nation rich of resources and bright talent. Flapmax is creating partnerships and working with Africans to ignite growth in their local economies and tech industry.

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Flapmax is diving headfirst into solving several issues of sustainability related to climate change, health equity, and workforce empowerment to improve efficiency and reduce pollution.

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We are working on a broad array of tools to extend our platform. Including open-source, machine learning, and analytics projects; we want to help create the future of tech.

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Partnering with several top class universities around the world, we are working with academics and students to both innovate and foster growth for the next generation.

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Flapmax AI Academy

Training & Apprenticeship

Acquire new skills in AI and Cloud, learn on-the-job and earn new certifications.

International Engineer

Participate in international collaboration with our global academic and industry partners.

Resident Researcher

Conduct cutting-edge research with our engineers and publish your work.

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