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Inspiring creativity beyond borders.

Flapmax is dedicated to Africa as a hub for innovation.

We are committed to helping organizations and individuals experience the impactful power of Flapmax technology. That is why we are developing AI supported programs in Africa, starting with areas like healthcare, education, agriculture and industrial.

Let's work together to keep our community healthy.

Health is an ever growing challenge all over the world. Eventualities in Africa have brought to light different challenges that are faced by the continent and its partners. In order to beat the curve, Flapmax is partnering with medics to improve on modular sciences research.

Education is the fundamental force behind innovation.

Education is the building blocks of every other civilization. At Flapmax we are providing the learners with a host of resources to improve on their learning curve. This will be followed up with opportunities in Flapmax FAST Accelerator Program to improve on market visibility.

Creating better solutions for things we already do.

Flapmax provides our clients with all round platform for all your edge computing needs. We have developed special programs for some of the fundamental factors affecting Africa including, Access to Health Care, Education, Agriculture and Industrial Automations. These are our flagship projects in our ambitious Africa strategy.

Research in Molecular Science

Drug discovery and population-wide study for a growing African population

Coming Soon Spring 2022


Coworking Office Space | High Speed Internet | Business Networking

Office Space

We provide office space to fuel African startups innovating in key industries.


Enrich the vitality of your community.


Ignite the knowledge in every student.

Agriculture & Industrial

Empower everyone. Big or small.

More Areas

Imagine the unthinkable. Innovate.

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