Flapmax for African Startups

AI Enablement | Developer Sandbox | Office Space | VC Access

  • AI Enablement
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Office Space
  • VC Access

Empowering African startups to build sustainable businesses at global scale

The Flapmax FAST accelerator program brings advanced technologies, business development and international partner network to African startups

AI Enablement

FAST provides tech startups with a platform to advance AI solutions and includes access to Flapmax AI Academy resources and tools.

Developer Sandbox

The Developer Sandbox is a testing platform designed and developed to assist developers with scaling their products and services.

Office Space

FAST will provide a shared space for its first cohort with access to broadband internet, conducive offices and a conference room.

Venture Capital

We partner with a network of VCs that share our common vision of building African startups into global enterprises.

Focus industries

We support startups innovating in key industries that can greatly leverage AI for societal good at large scales


  • Telemedicine
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Genome Sequencing
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)


  • Virtual reality
  • Certification tools
  • Adaptive learning
  • Online assessments


  • Security
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

Why Africa

Startup funding per year.
All data courtesy of Partech ("2020 Africa Tech Venture Capital Report")

Ecosystem of builders and enablers​

You’ve built a ground-breaking solution. Let’s help you deploy and scale it. We offer a hybrid industry/academic ecosystem comprising both Flapmax engineers and our global network of academic & industry partners​

Build AI-enabled solutions more quickly, accelerate time-to-market​

All teams will get the necessary support to build sustainable solutions and launch FASTER by using our AI expertise, developer tools and other resources.​

Embark on an ecosystem building agenda ensuring our collaboration goes beyond the accelerator program.

Data Science
Edge Computing

Leverage additional resources available through Flapmax AI Academy

Flapmax AI Academy provides an environment for advancing human potential through educational and training programs designed for the modern workforce.​

Startups selected to participate in the FAST accelerator program will have an opportunity to work with pre-screened interns from foreign universities –in-person or virtually; and will have access to both skilled staff and passionate on-the-job learners.

Trainees & Apprentices
Solutions Architect
Expert Advisors


3-month Accelerator program

In a nutshell:

  • Developer sandbox
  • VC access and intros
  • Matching startups with interns
  • Training and workshop webinars
  • Mentorship from AI domain experts
  • Business development and partner engagements
  • Office space with a variety of floorplan configurations

Network of VCs, industry and academic partners

We are proudly working with several organizations to enable your business scale more easily, increase the chances for expansion beyond regional borders, while creating local job opportunities. Get in the door now and apply!​

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