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Advance human potential through educational and training progams designed for the modern workforce.

"It has been a great learning experience to be part of diverse projects as a full stack developer, participate in a global hackathon for a sponsor challenge, and be part of various meeting sessions with prospective clients."

- Srividya Surampudi


Flapmax AI Academy has been designed to fuel the growth of talent all over the world, and to provide necessary skills to upcoming professionals. We're committed to advancing education through different projects, developing facilities, supporting learners, and empowering start-ups.

Training & Apprenticeship

Let us help build the foundation of your career with real-world training and technical development.


Virtual class sessions will be used to introduce students to everything machine learning and artificial intelligence, with material for both beginners and experts. Students will also be given the opportunity to participate in hackathons that focus on new and exciting technologies.


The apprenticeship program is an on-the-job training program. Apprentices will be placed in a work environment where they will team up with real clients. The apprenticeship has been designed to ensure that students get a holistic exposure to what is expected while they are working professionally.

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International Engineer

Embark on an international collaboration to build an innovative platform in the field of AI with fellow Africans.

Collaborate from all over Africa

Africa is a continent exploding with growth and talent, with countries like Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria paving the way and innovating largely in the African technology and science sectors.

Our International Engineer program seeks to connect with and collaborate with this growing ecosystem to build powerful platforms and provide valuable startup experience to both students and professionals.

Go to FAST Accelerator Program for International Engineers

Resident Researcher

Take part in the fascinating research of AI and contribute to real publications.

The resident researcher program has been established to include meetings, theory development, research work, and subsquent publications. Participants from the field of Artificial Intelligence are invited to work with us on advancing their research. The program is run virtually and the participant must undergo a rigorous selection process that enables Flapmax to engage the best in the world.

The resident researcher has the opportunity to work on:

Machine Learning
System Software

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